The ultimate all-in-one drink mix to boldly experience life's adventures
Flow, On Demand

Flow is the extraordinary moment your mind and body harmonize to the point you experience supercharged productivity.

BOLDR is carefully designed to ignite your Flow, every day.

Additional Benefits

"What BOLDR has done for me is far greater than any other supplement out there. With so many games, plus travel, I am always looking for that slight edge. BOLDR has allowed me to remain sharp on a nightly basis so I can play my best." - @24BAZE (NBA Power Forward - Golden State Warriors)

"Love it, it makes a huge difference during my intense daily training." - @THEHUMBLE_21 (NFL Safety - Washington Redskins)

"BOLDR provides an awesome organic and ketogenic balance to my workouts. I've been using it for 2 months now and love how smooth it mixes, how great it tastes and my ultimate favorite - Caffeine!" - @MATTNOVAKOVICH (Spartan Race Champion)

the vicious cycle crushes your productivity

Every day you're flooded with Triggers that trap you in an endless loop of low productivity, anxiety, fatigue and soreness.


In our quest for the perfect work mindset, we must create an optimal state of consciousness, creating peak moments of total absorption where time disappears, the self vanishes and your performance peaks. The term Flow is not particularly sexy, and can sound a bit hippie-ish, but it’s real science. 
Brain-imaging technologies allow us to apply metrics to what was once anecdotal. We now know that when in Flow, one switches from frontal lobe brain activity (which consumes a lot of time and energy) to the back of the brain and reptilian mode (which is efficient, subconscious and fast).
Make it real in BOLDR.
The BOLDR Difference

Clinically-Backed and Doctor Approved

In each serving, we only use all-natural and organic ingredients at clinically effective doses. We don't use rogue Insider methods to cut corners such as "Dusting" which dilutes the key ingredients you need to thrive.

Purity and Potency Guaranteed

We use patented and standardized extracts from carefully selected suppliers to ensure the highest bioavailability, purity and consistency.

100% Made in the USA and Third-Party Tested

Our products are made in state-of-the-art cGMP certified production facilities and third-party tested by Informed Choice.

supercharged energy+

You don't need to buy 3-5 products (spend 3-5x more) to get all the mental and physical benefits you need to thrive, every day.

BOLDR delivers cleaner, longer-lasting energy vs. Regular Energy Drinks which cause energy spikes and crashes.

Plus, BOLDR is packed with additional benefits to keep your mind and body operating at its highest levels.

On-The-Go Performance Fuel

BOLDR is made for your active, on-the-go lifestyle. Each pouch contains 10 packets.

The packets fit easily in your pocket, gym bag, purse, or carry-on.

Take it anywhere, anytime!

Clean Premium Ingredients

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