It all started in SoCal, with a couple friends trying to live our best lives as athletes, creators, and explorers

On our journey, we experienced too many days fatigued, stressed, and in pain.

There were moments when we felt "in the zone." Our problems seemed to vanish. We were more energized, productive, and creative. 

We wanted to feel this way every day.

After months of research, we discovered a growing movement investigating the art of reaching enhanced performance called Flow State. Basically, it's when elevated performance of the mind + body becomes effortless. 

After consulting with one of the leading researchers, we realized this state might not be so elusive, after all.

It all seemed to boil down to three key factors:

Clean Energy
Stress Relief
Inflammation Reduction

We figured there must be a product out there already which addresses these concerns, right?

Unfortunately, we found a sea of products loaded with caffeine, sugar, and preservatives. They gave us jitters, caused crashes, and created other unmentionable problems. 

Tolerable products only gave us one of the essential factors in the form of short-lived energy. To experience the trifecta, we were forced to combine multiple products, which was ridiculously expensive.

Our search left us sick (at times, literally) and tired. This experience sparked our desire to create a solution.

How would we innovate?

1. We would only use the purest time-tested and cutting-edge ingredients, at effective levels.

2. We would formulate a clean label product, without GMOs, sugar, artificial preservatives, or other allergens.

3. It had to be convenient for the mobile, active lifestyle.

To bring it to life, we assembled a team of experts and partnered with state-of-the-art facilities capable of developing our product.

After months of grueling days perfecting our drink mix, BOLDR Initiate Flow was born. The first product of its kind.

Stay Bold,

Chuck + Spenser (the co-founders)